The Minty’s Wonton Party: Auntie Ping Kitchen

beef brisket noodles with wontons

My love for Hong Kong style, Cantonese pork and shrimp wontons is fairly well-documented. I have done crawls in Seattle and most recently in Hong Kong. Every time I have some great ones outside of Los Angeles, I go on a search for them locally in the San Gabriel Valley. It’s been a few years since I’ve been to Noodle Boy which is touted as one of the best in the SGV. But is it? How come I never went back after that first visit years ago? On the other hand, I really liked them at Happy Harbor but I’ve yet to return as well.

This week on the blog, I’m starting my Wonton Party where I explore a different restaurant in the SGV in search of the best wontons. It’s Wonton Week on The Minty!

Over the holidays, I had some time off and I commenced my search at Auntie Ping Kitchen in El Monte.

Auntie Ping is fairly new. They specialize in Hainan chicken and wontons. Although I would giving equal billing to their rice rolls (cheung fun) as well since that’s a popular side order.


rice roll with shrimp


In fact, I got them with shrimp. These were okay. I like the version at Mr. Champion better. I did appreciate the yellow leeks in this dish.


boba milk tea


Since I got back from Hong Kong, I’ve been having more caffeine. I am suddenly addicted to milk tea. And I really enjoyed this one with the perfectly chewy boba.




As for the wontons, the wrappers were a tiny bit too thick for my liking. It was a good bowl but I did have one bad piece of beef.

Still, I liked the family friendly atmosphere, the ample parking and the feeling I was at a real Cantonese spot. I’ll probably come back to try their Hainan chicken another day.


Auntie Ping Kitchen

10472 Garvey Ave., El Monte, CA 91733  —  (626) 416-5350
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