Highland Park: Drinks at Gold Line Bar

Gold Line Bar



I tried to go to Gold Line Bar back in December before the holidays but it was so busy and packed that we walked away. I attempted it again after dinner at Otono a couple of weeks ago. This time I was successful.

Gold Line Bar gets compared to In Sheep’s Clothing because they are patterned after Japanese high fidelity bars (which tends to play jazz). However, Gold Line played much more than jazz. Their collection is enormous which is probably helpful as the owner is a well-known music producer and I hear they also have the record shop a couple doors down.


drinks at Gold Line Bar


I tend to try original drinks at new bars to see the bar’s creativity. Then I might switched to classic drinks. However, we were just having a nightcap. Luckily my friend had the modern classic, Penicillin, while I had the Ooh We Yeah. I love drinks with the bergamot liqueur, Italicus.


Ooh We Yeah – Plymouth gin, Italicus, basil, honey, lemon

Penicillin – Scotch whisky, ginger, lemon


I’m happy Highland Park has so many options now in the neighborhood. I want to plan a tacos crawl and bar hop soon. Gold Line will definitely be part of the list of spots.


Gold Line Bar

5607 N Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90042  —  (323) 274-4496

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