Chinatown: Duck Noodle Soup at J & K Hong Kong Cuisine

duck and wonton noodle soup


I’ve had a loose plan in my head I’m going to try all the restaurants at East West Plaza in Chinatown. Yes, I’ve eaten at almost all the newcomers (Baohaus, you’re next!) but I wanted to check out the tenants that have been holding down the fort for a while. And that’s how I ended up at J & K Hong Kong Cuisine. It’s across from Fortune Chinese which I like very much and I was feeling more lunch-y than an elaborate Chinese dinner.

My standard HK lunch is usually duck and wonton noodle soup. The owner was so happy to see us, she encouraged us to order from the specials list (on two poster boards tacked up on the wall). I sadly can’t read Chinese so she read the menu to me. I was really impressed by that level of service. So I ordered some veggies as well.

There were a couple of good sized hunks of duck and some plump wontons. Though my favorite wontons in Chinatown are from New Dragon. The tangle of egg noodles was just perfect.


pea sprouts with century egg and ham


The pea sprouts came with strips of ham and diced century egg (aka thousand-year-old egg or 100-year-old egg). I really liked this dish and had the leftovers with rice the next day.

I’m glad East West Plaza still has a few stalwarts and it’s not just a hipster food hall with third wave coffee and really awesome hot fried chicken (a completely unnecessary review of Howlin’ Ray’s is forthcoming).


J & K Hong Kong Cuisine

728 N Hill St., Los Angeles, CA 90012  —  (213) 617-0638
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