The Minty’s Wonton Party: Harlam’s Kitchen

wonton soup at Harlam’s Kitchen


We’re nearing the end of Wonton Week here on The Minty. Today, I’m talking ab out Harlarm’s Kitchen. I also tried Golden Bull Noodle’s as well that night.  I saw the Hainan chicken at Tasty Food and knew I wanted to try their excellent chicken and rice. They’re all in the same food court.

As it so happens, Golden Bull also offers Hainan chicken and wontons. So it was a three-restaurant battle. Who won the best Hainan chicken on the block? Tasty Food!

But who is the winner of the pork and shrimp wontons?

I feel like Golden Bull’s were very good but they were not true Cantonese/ Hong Kong style wontons (due to the broth and the fried shallots). But does that mean Harlam wins by default? Not at all. They were both good dumplings. I could see the chunks of shrimp in the Harlarm’s wontons while the shrimp was minced along with the pork at Golden Bull. Both created good but different wontons.

I would like to return to try the other Cantonese dishes like congee and the various dry noodles.

But really, I’d like to return in general because I’m in love with the food court and the adjoining Asian market where I can buy greens, kimchi, funky spirits and other ingredients if I wished.


Harlam’s Kitchen

8150 Garvey Ave., Rosemead, CA 91770  —  (626) 573-3929
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