SGV: Trying Vietnamese Desserts at Hien Khanh


When you get into line at Hien Khanh, you should probably have a game plan. However, we didn’t realize the instructions would be closer to the cash register so we bumbled through it. First, decide if you want a drink or food or both.

For the drink, they have some samples up but it’s more to make your own. You choose your size cup and then add a few things. Perhaps some red beans, your choice of chewy or soft green tapioca and maybe boba? It’s up to you to customize. My friend got clear jelly, green jelly and boba. I got lemonade which wasn’t as boring as it sounds as it had hints of cucumber. It was very refreshing.

As for the desserts, you go down the line and point.


Dessert from Hein Khanh


When my friend asked me why did I pick the striped green dessert, I said the color appealed to me. And it’s true. The slightly coconut flavored jelly was enhanced by sesame seeds. It reminded me of mochi which makes sense as it’s tapioca-based.

Although the bundle was in a small container, I was only able to eat a few bites. I was already full from lunch but this is also very filling.

Hien Khanh is in the same food court as Harlam’s Kitchen, Tasty Food and Golden Bull Noodle. I want to do a food crawl just in this food hall adjacent to the GW Supermarket.


Hien Khanh

8150 Garvey Ave., Ste 117i, Rosemead, CA 91770

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