San Jose: Lunch at Hong Kong Chef

roast duck and wonton noodles soup


On my last day in the San Jose area, we went to lunch at Hong Kong Chef. It’s located in a busy shopping center in Fremont. My aunt had said it wasn’t the best but it was tolerable. She was right. The wontons were just all right though I appreciated the amount of duck I got in my roast duck and wonton noodles soup.

I don’t really want to break down why the wontons could have been better but here’s what I love about a good wonton-

  1. slippery silky wrapper
  2. good minced pork
  3. fresh shrimp
  4. dreamy broth, redolent of dried seafood
  5. bouncy noodles

Hong Kong Chef should take note. Theirs were mostly pork that reminded me of frozen Trader Joe’s siu mai that have been heated up in the microwave. Yes, I know this because sometimes I’m desperate and didn’t want to go out for dim sum.


Chinese broccoli


For some reason I thought we should also get Chinese broccoli though there’s clearly enough greens in my bowl of soup. Still, extra veggies doesn’t hurt and goes with my unlimited veggies meal plan.

Maybe next time I’ll request pho for lunch.

Hong Kong Chef

46356 Warm Springs Blvd., Ste 848, Fremont, CA 94539


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