San Jose: Lunch at Pho Y #1


banh cuon


This summer I was up in the San Jose area visiting family. Our favorite thing to do is get together and enjoy a good meal. My cousin suggested Pho Y #1 which is actually better known for their pillowy soft banh cuon. These rice rolls are filled with ground pork and you eat them with Vietnamese sausage and everything is wrapped in various lettuces and herbs. It’s a fantastic as an appetizer or a light lunch.

banh xeo


We also got shrimp banh xeo which is one of my favorite Vietnamese foods. It’s more like an omlet though it’s also made from rice batter. It’s stuffed with bean sprouts and shrimp.


pho dac biet


After the two appetizers, I’m surprised I made any headway in my giant bowl of noodles. I ordered my usual pho dac biet with all its beefy bits and offal. I had enough to take home which I happily enjoyed as a snack the next day. I really liked the broth and the tendon in this bowl.


Pho Y #1

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