DTLA: The Wonton Search Continues at Uncle John’s Cafe

house special wonton noodles soup at Uncle John's Cafe

house special wonton noodles soup at Uncle John’s Cafe


Following the disappointing wonton noodles soup at China Cafe which I actually thought the wontons were fine, if a little inauthentic, I found myself at Uncle John’s Cafe looking at the half-Chinese menu. The original Uncle John’s Ham N Eggs was a lunch counter not far away. The story goes a Chinese family bought the diner and added some Chinese touches. Like you could get a side of fried rice with your ham and eggs. And then it was sold to the current Chinese family who added even more dishes.

Now in a spacious restaurant with the dive bar Hank’s next door, Uncle John’s still continues to do brisk business as regulars get their spicy pork chops fix on.

I thought about trying the spicy pork chops as I had previously in the old space but the wonton bug bit me. I got the house special wonton noodles soup and I immediately saw an improvement over China Cafe’s. First of all, they used the proper egg noodles. And when I bit into a wonton, I immediately recognized the familiar flavor. Aha! These smaller but far more tasty wontons were something I could get to in 10 minutes if I should have another wontons craving attack. I also enjoyed the shrimp and cha siu (BBQ pork) in the soup. There were also plenty of veggies if you’re into that sort of thing.

I’d like to return for their chow mein and don’t tell anyone this but I’m going to get the egg foo young as well. Shhhh… I said don’t tell anyone I want that!

Uncle John’s Cafe

834 S Grand Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90017 — (213) 623-3555


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