SGV: Late Night Chinese Food at Sam Woo

Chinese BBQ combo- cha siu and steamed chicken


After watching Blade Runner 2049, I really wanted some late night noodles. I somehow didn’t get that but I still had a good time at the ever solid Sam Woo. This location has been around forever and many have passed through its doors seeking traditional Cantonese food.

You may have noticed the BBQ hanging in the front of the restaurant. You might get a combo with cha siu (pork) or maybe roast duck. There are a couple different chicken options though I always get the steamed kind that’s served with a ginger-scallion oil slurry. My dad used to say the soy sauce chicken was just the steamed chicken from the day before now dyed with soy sauce and no one wants to eat 2-day old chicken. There’s also sausage too if you feel like that.




After we ordered, I realized I didn’t get wontons. That felt like sacrilege so we got a bowl of wontons. No noodles. Ooops.

We also didn’t get roast duck with the BBQ combo above. I felt somewhat discombobulated by that as well. My standard lunch order for years and years at Sam Woo and other spots like is roast duck wonton soup. Possibly brisket and wonton noodles if I didn’t feel like duck.

These wontons were great and I enjoyed the broth. I was happy to see the Chinese red vinegar on the table. I tend to pour a little on each but you could be neater and throw some on your side plate. You might as well add in some chili sauce too to your mixture.


seafood stir fry with leeks


We mainly didn’t get noodles because I ordered a couple of dishes that goes better with plain steamed rice. I wanted the seafood combo; scallops, shrimp and squid with leeks and the ong choy (Chinese hollow stemmed veggies).

But really I blamed the lack of Blade Runner “eating in the rain” noodles on the fact I was with people who order just enough. No leftovers.

ong choy


Fine, fine, just enough is good.


Sam Woo

514 W Valley Blvd., Alhambra, CA 91803  —  (626) 281-0038
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