The Minty’s Best 2018 Meals

abalone in Hong Kong


Here are some of the best meals I had in 2018! I’ve divided them up by high end, casual and travel eats. There is no particular ranking within the individual categories. It’s been an amazing year of delicious food and drink. I will cherish my travel but always near and dear to me are the meals I had at home in Los Angeles.

So, when I say the meals are high end, it doesn’t always mean they’re pricey or formal. They were just exceptional in service and execution.


High End


Good Measure

Best Girl

Inko Nito


Sushi K-Zo




Hock & Hoof


Belle Vie

Hearth & Hound

Grill on the Alley

Rappahannock Oyster Bar

Ma’am Sir

Petit Trois

Mister O’s

Ms. Chi Cafe

Baroo (now closed)

Mrs. Fish


I’m down to grub at these spots all the time!



Hip Hot

The Exchange

Fundamental DTLA

Yuko’s Soup Bar

Xtiosu Kitchen

Brodard (Orange County)

OC & Lau (Orange County)

Bongchu Chicken

Born & Raised (San Diego)

Juniper & Ivy (San Diego)

New Century Lobster 

Los Cinco Puntos

Broken Mouth

Corner Beef Noodle House


Wadatsumi Sushi

Jae Bu Do


Triple Beam Pizza

Joy on York

Cold Spring Tavern (Santa Barbara)

Hachioji Ramen

Art & Fish

Eight Korean BBQ

Fat Dragon

101 Noodle Express

Night Market Sahm

China Red



Mr. Champion

Longo Restaurant


Noodle Harmony


Free Play

Han Mi Jung


As mentioned, I had a fantastic year of travel and would go back to Hong Kong in a heart beat. I had a great time in Chicago and Chile but the best out of LA meals were almost all in Hong Kong.


Harvest (Madison)

Mrs. Pound (Hong Kong)

Empire City (Hong Kong)

Sohofama (Hong Kong)

Mak’s Noodle (Hong Kong)

Tsim Chai Kee (Hong Kong)

Yat Lok (Hong Kong)

Hexa (Hong Kong)

Choi Fung (aka Colorful Phoenix – Hong Kong)


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