West Los Angeles: Gimme All The Raw Fish at Wadatsumi Sushi

kaisen special assortment (chirashi)

It’s Japanese food week on The Minty and today we head to West Los Angeles to Wadatsumi. It’s right next to the Westside Pavilion which makes it a convenient stop before or after a movie at the mall.

Wadatsumi is known for its affordable set meals. There are three including a sushi, sashimi or rib eye combo.

However we were attracted to the bowls which comes with soup and salad.

I chose the kaisen special assortment which is very much like chirashi. I like a big variety of raw fish and this had super fresh cuts as well as tamago and ikura.

seaweed salad


Although our sets came with salad, I also got the seaweed salad which seemed like a lot at first but it turned out be be spread thinly on more iceberg. I actually ended up pouring a little bit of salad dressing from the side salad over this for extra oomph.

Next time I’d like to try the sushi set.


10914 W Pico Blvd.,  Los Angeles, CA 90064  —  (310) 470-0014

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