DTLA: The Bolo Burger For Brunch at Rossoblu

Bolo Burger

Rossoblu has recently started serving brunch. Suddenly my instagram feed was flooded with pictures of delicious things including the Bolo burger which is a burger with Bolognese sauce. Well then, we had to go try it!

We ordered the Bolo burger, of course. I asked for this to be medium rare but in retrospect, medium would have been fine since it was hefty with the additional sauce.


Bee’s Kiss and Bloody Mary


What’s brunch without drinks? Just breakfast then. So we had to have some brunch drinks with our meal. My friend got the Bee’s Kiss which was creamy and sweet but with a hint of bitterness (from the nutmeg or honeycomb I thought). I had the Brodo Mary which was savory and a great morning pick-me-up. There is a regular bloody as well but I liked the clarified tomato water in the Brodo. Also, you can pick your spirit but I didn’t specify so this is made with the traditional vodka. I also dug the proscuitto and olive garnishes.

Bee’s Kiss – spiced rum, cream, honey, nutmeg, cinnamon, honeycomb

Bloody Mary (Brodo Mary) – vodka, spiced clarified tomato water, beef and chicken broth


frittata parmigiana


Since we got such a meaty burger, we opted for the frittata Parmigiana as our other main dish. Otherwise, I might have gone with the frittata Bolognese.


side of sausage


Oh, but I couldn’t resist the housemade sausage as a side.

crispy potatoes


There are just some sacred things in American brunch, even in an Italian restaurant. Get the crispy potatoes.

Breakfast in Sicily


The housemade brioche is served with this amazing almond granita. It’s called the breakfast in Sicily and I was instantly transported to a little cafe drinking an espresso and having these buns.

Russa Bianca and Mattina Breakfast Old Fashioned


Is it time for another round? Oh yes. This time my friend got the white Russian (Russa Bianca) which was soothing and delicious. My breakfast old fashioned whiskey cocktail will ease you into another few hours of day drinking until the evening party.

Russa Bianca– Black Cow vodka, Varnelli Moka coffee liqueur, Black Note amaro, Cognoscenti cold brew, housemade whipped cream, espresso dust

Mattina Breakfast Old Fashioned – Whistle Pig 10 Year whiskey, Whistle Pig maple syrup, Bonollo amaro, sfrappole

Nutella French Toast


One of my favorite things about brunch is getting both savory and sweet breakfast treats. I tend to get something savory for the main meal and then a sweet breakfast for dessert! We shared the nutella stuffed French toast which is the way to go at Rossoblu. I did think about the lemon ricotta pancakes but if you are going to go with a decadent “dessert,” then nutella is the power move. I loved the caramelized bananas.

If for some reason you want to have a healthy brunch, you can also do that at Rossoblu. Get the grain bowl, salad or baked beet crespelle pasta. Both crostones looked good. I would go for the asparagus one.


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