Silver Lake: Gyoza and More at Ramen Bangaichi

spicy Bangaichi miso ramen


One night in Silver Lake, I found my way to Ramen Bangaichi. It was heading towards witching hour and given the choices, I opted for ramen over a diner.

I didn’t read about the signature ramens at Bangaichi but it turned out I did order one, the spicy miso with lots of toppings. Ooh, that’s my favorite sort– where I didn’t have to choose between eggs or seaweed or whatever. It was already all in the bowl! Also, this spot includes a little pat of butter with their corn. Aww yeah, it’s late at night and I don’t care what I’m eating!

Just kidding, I liked it. The broth was funky from the miso and I loved that there were a ton of bamboo shoots as well as two kinds of seaweed including the dried kind sticking out of the bowl.

Also, can we talk about how much meat there is in this bowl? I was really quite pleased. I even gave some to my friend.

karaage – fried chicken


The fried chicken (karaage) probably was a little more batter than I liked but at the same time, it fulfilled my late night fried food dreams. Piping hot and dressed simply with a squeeze of lemon, this was my favorite appetizer at Bangaichi.



Thin wrappers, tasty fillings, these were fine gyoza.



Unfortunately the eggplant was my least favorite appetizer. Admittedly I hadn’t read the description. I had expected it to be a rich miso eggplant. Instead the eggplant was quite hard and should have been cooked down more.

Overall I enjoyed Ramen Bangaichi and if I found my way down that particular stretch of Sunset, I’ll be sure to check it out again even if it wasn’t late at night.

Ramen Bangaichi

4339 W Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90029  —  (323) 284-4138

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