Koreatown: Lunch at BongChu Chicken

noodle pull


I recently tried the jjimdak (Korean braised chicken stew) at BongChu in Koreatown. Talk about simplicity at its best. This is the only dish BongChu serves and they do it very, very well.

This dish is considered very healthy and you’ll see references to this all over the restaurant. Your options include getting the chicken with bones or boneless, couple or family sized, spicy or not spicy. Then you can add shredded mozzarella cheese and/or rice cakes. The stew comes with noodles and rice but I would hold off on eating that rice in favor of the scorched rice you can add in at the end of the meal.

braised chicken stew


The chicken is braised in Korean soy sauce and made with potatoes and green onions. We added cheese so it made the sauce even thicker.

scorched rice


The amazing scorched rice is only $4 and totally worth it. You can hear how crispy it is as it’s added into your stew.

scorched rice + stew leftovers = delicious bites


After having such a filling meal, I was surprised I was able to fit in every delicious seaweed-strew bite of scorched rice and more chicken! I honestly thought we’d have leftovers.

I’m waiting for another cool day to have this again.


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