Culver City: Dinner at Sushi K-Zo

soft shell crab hand roll


I recently checked out K-Zo for dineLA and I loved it! I had heard about K-Zo for years and was glad to have finally tried it.

I ordered from the dineLA menu while my fried ordered from the regular menu. Here’s the soft shell crab hand roll from that menu.

shoju sampler


We also shared the shoju and sake samplers. I’ve been getting into shoju (and sake) lately and of the three I tasted, I liked the satsuma potato the best.

Suzume (barley)

Sudachi Chu (molasses)

Shiranami (satsuma potato)

uni sushi


Sometimes I’m a little shy about ordering uni but I knew K-Zo wouldn’t let us down. And judging from the sounds I heard, this was a winner.

ama ebi sushi with fried heads


I love live shrimp and these ama ebi were some good looking ones with perfectly fried heads.

sake sampler


As mentioned, we also shared the sake sampler. Since I like junmai ginjos, I was happy to see the sampler included two different ones.

Shichi Ken (junmai ginjo)

Kikusui (junmai ginjo)


rokuten mori

For the appetizer, I went with the rokuten mori, a 6-sampler dish that includes the following:

  • ankimo yuzu miso (steamed monkfish liver)
  • truffle salmon (salmon with truffle soy dressing)
  • kani-su (crab and cucumber)
  • kanpachi kumquat (kanpachi with kumquat and onion dressing)
  • octopus carpaccio (with citrus dressing)
  • oyster uni caviar

Everything was so good. I can’t decide if the monkfish liver or the oyster was my favorite. I also really enjoyed the crab and the octopus was some of the most tender octopus I’ve ever had raw.

sushi assortment


I chose the sushi assortment for my main course. I’m at a sushi spot, I figure I should get that rather than the filet mignon or shrimp ravioli. The assortment came with tuna, yellowtail, salmon, white fish, albacore, Japanese scallop, unagi and a blue crab roll. I loved everything but was particularly in love with the Japanese scallop and blue crab.

purple parfait


To finish off the meal, I got the purple parfait which is their signature dessert. It’s scoops of vanilla ice cream with red beans and mochi balls topped with fruit and Okinawa sweet potato.

K-Zo is now on my go to list for sushi.

Sushi K-Zo

9240 Culver Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232  —  (310) 202-8890

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