Venice: Thai Food at Night + Market Sahm

crab rice


I finally made it out to the third location of Night + Market in Venice/ Santa Monica. It’s called Sahm which means three in Thai (Night + Market Song is the second one and yes, song means two). I went on a Monday night and the place was packed! I’m so glad. I remember going to a different Thai restaurant but in this same location more than 15 years ago and it was never busy. I’m glad times have changed.

It’s always hard for me to go to favorite restaurants and not get the dishes I really love but I always want to try new things too. So this time I did both; I got a favorite: crab rice and then we also got the seafood pancake as something new.

As mentioned, we got the crab rice, a dish I fell in love with at the original Night + Market location in West Hollywood. It’s as good as ever! Soft fluffy rice and so addicting.

seafood pancake


The seafood pancake was really interesting and made with tapioca flour. The menu states this dish takes a bit of extra time. It was really only about 15 minutes.

chicken noodle salad

Night + Market was nice enough to send out the chicken noodle salad. I loved the tangy dressing. Plus all the crunchy bits! I could eat just this salad and be satisfied. The salad is dressed with a salty pineapple coconut cream. This is an item specific to the Sahm location.


green beans


We couldn’t leave without getting our veggies in! I thought about my favorite Thai vegetable, morning glory, but we wanted something heartier so we we went with green beans.

Now I wonder what ‘four’ is in Thai because I hope Chef Kris opens another location in Downtown Los Angeles!


Night + Market Sahm

2533 Lincoln Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90291  —  (310) 301-0333

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