Hollywood: Dinner and Drinks at Petit Trois



Petit Trois on Highland has been opened about 5 years and I have never gone until recently. There was a period of my life I was at every Ludobites popup and I just got… burnt out. I always meant to go to Trois Mec and sister restaurant, Petit Trois but as the months and then years passed, I felt a bit embarrassed. I remember when I saw Chef Ludo Lefebvre at an Alex’s Lemonade food festival a few years ago and he KNEW I had not gone. Oops.

But at last, I went and I loved it! The vibe of the counter was electric. I love watching the line and everything was very special.

I started with a Martinez, a drink many believe was the fore runner of what we now think of as a classic martini – gin and dry vermouth. But this day called for something sweeter and not so bracing.

Martinez – Old Tom gin, Luxardo maraschino, sweet vermouth, bitters

prosciutto and melon


One of the specials of the day was prosciutto and melon. I thought it’d be the classic meat wrapped around melon but I was delighted to find some thick-ish slices piled on top of the sweetest, ripest melon. Melon allergy be damned!


steak tartare


For those following the blog, you may know I’m on a steak tartare bender around the city. So of course we couldn’t skip the one at Petit Trois. I rather liked this one with lots of chopped up cornichon.


Hemingway To Your Heart

For my next drink I picked the Hemingway To Your Heart, a daiquiri variation. If a Hemingway is already a variation, is this the next generation of daiquiri? I love daiquiris and find them very refreshing. This one however makes you think a bit. It’s more layered and I started to analyze it. Was it a bit creamy from the banana? Was that tang from the grapefruit? And that slightly pungent flavor must have been the bitters.

Hemingway To Your Heart– rum, banana, grapefruit, lime, Jamaican bitters

crab cake


We also got the crab cake as a starter though these days, we’ve pushed beyond the “starter, main, dessert” thing. I much rather have a bunch of starters than one main.

The crab cake was very generous with the shellfish. With just a squeeze of lemon, it brightened up the whole thing. If you have bread left for some reason, be sure to sop it all up with this fabulous sauce.



I mostly hear about the omelette and the burger at Petit Trois. I was really torn about which to get. I wasn’t starving so I opted for the “lighter” option. Whoo boy, this is not exactly light as it was the most decadent omelette I’ve ever had. I knew it’d be buttery and rich but I was still unprepared for how rich it was. I’m so glad there was a side salad so that I could take breaks from the lusciousness.

Yes, it is the best damn omelette in the city.

I promise I won’t let another 5 years go by before I try the burger and other delicious sounding dishes and drinks!


Petit Trois

718 N Highland Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90038  —  (323) 468-8916

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