Mid-City: Inko Nito Has Landed on West Third


Inko Nito has opened a new location on West Third in the Beverly Grove area. The first location opened in Downtown in the Arts District opened earlier this year in January.

We started out with the yellowtail sashimi from the salad section. The hamachi was covered with crispy garlic which was a slightly different take on the usual yellowtail dishes I’ve had. Be sure to eat the mizuna greens with the yuzu truffle dressing.


chirashi nigaki


Nigaki are in between sushi and nigiri as stated on the menu. We got the chirashi though I know from the DTLA location the Dungeness crab version is the most popular. The chirashi was a mix of yellowtail and salmon.


Mezcal Drift


The Mezcal Drift is essentially a mezcal Negroni with an Asian twist with both Korean rice wine and plum sake. I thought it’d actually be less boozy because of those two ingredients but if anything, it was even boozier than just a regular mezcal Negroni!

Mezcal Drift – mezcal, Campari, Korean rice wine, plum sake, sweet vermouth




shrimp skewers


One of the instant room favorites were the shrimp skewers. These were so tender and sweet.


Echigo red ale


I was going to get a Echigo red ale but then I spotted the Echigo koshihikari which I had never tried before. It’s lightly bitter and I thought paired well with our heavier items like kimchi rice.




I was intrigued by the cauliflower with the garlic soy aioli and Parmasean panko. I thought perhaps they’d be breaded in the panko but the cauliflower were very light even with the very generous cheese.

Nori Old Fashioned


Don’t miss out on the Old Fashioned because you think it’ll be all seaweed-y. The nori actually lends a nice toasted quality to the drink without seeming like scrapings of the underside of a pier. Kokuto is brown sugar and gives the old fashioned a bit of sweetness.

Nori Old Fashioned – Suntory Toki Japanese whisky, kokuto, nori


Inko steak


The Inko steak came with frites which were really delightful shoestring chips! The steak is minute steak so still very tender and juicy.

kimchi rice


I don’t know why someone shaking a box up of rice is so exciting but it’s so much fun! If you didn’t get enough carbs from the sushi or fries, be sure to get some rice.




And for dessert, we shared various mochi. It was a lovely meal. I love the space. It’s so bright and cheerful. And sitting by the robata grill in the middle is a must! One of the grill guys recommended the yellowtail collar and I know I also love the wings. Next time!


Inko Nito Beverly Grove

8338 W 3rd St. Los Angeles, CA 90048  —  (310) 439-3076

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