Silver Lake: Happy Hour at El Condor

Margarita with Partida Tequila


I recently checked out happy hour at El Condor in Silver Lake.

The margaritas were sponsored by Partida Tequila that day so I’m not sure what is the usual tequila in El Condor’s margarita. However, I enjoyed it with Partida. It was quite refreshing though I’d probably ask for no salt next time. Either way, it’s a good deal at $8 during happy hour.


chicken burrito


We also got the 7 layer dip (not shown) and a chicken burrito. Happy hour is such an interesting time as I don’t think of it as a real meal and I usually get small snacky things. On this day though, I was very hungry as I had skipped breakfast. I thought a chicken burrito would be a good idea just hours from dinner time. As it turned out, I was stuffed after I ate half the burrito! I ended up digging out the other half and eating it with chips– I don’t know why that seemed lighter. But hey, DIY nachos! The burrito is only $10 and you can make it “wet” for just another $1.

Next time, I’ll just get chips and guacamole or maybe split a quesadilla if I got the munchies during happy hour!


El Condor

3701 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026  —  (323) 660-4500

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