Koreatown: Korean Black Goat Stew at Bulrocho

Korean black goat stew


It’s getting cooler in Southern California– or at least in the evenings. Which means I have started craving soup and in particular, Korean black goat stew (yeum so tang).

I checked out Bulrocho for their version stuffed with a ton of mushrooms. The other spots I’ve gone to didn’t include mushrooms so this was a pleasant surprise.



The banchan selection included kimchi, radish kimchi and spicy potatoes. There were also large green chiles that I saw others eating raw.

mix it up!


After mixing, the idea is to dip the goat meat into the provided sauce. You can also add vinegar and perilla seeds to the sauce. In the past, I would sprinkle the seeds directly into the stew for added texture.

It’s such a comforting bowl.

I’ll go back to Bulrocho again because it’s easy parking (they have valet which they validate for) and no wait. The restaurant is also open late until 2 a.m. In terms of comparing it to Mirak, currently the goat stew king in LA, I would give Mirak the edge but Bulrocho is not far behind.



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