West LA: French Dinner at Belle Vie

charcuterie and cheese


Last month I went to Belle Vie and we ordered the menu. That’s right, we ordered all the entrees including the one on the specials board. We started out with the charcuterie and fromage (cheese).

I really liked the sausage and the goat cheese.



I was intrigued by the squid ink mentioned with the eggs. Well, now I know how to make deviled eggs for Halloween. There was something very odd about these darkened yolks. However it was all delicious. I particularly liked the crispy rice.

white wine flight

Belle Vie is known for their wine flights. You have a choice of rose wine, red or white. I got the white flight. It’s a great deal for $35 that gets you 5 glasses.



Scallops was the special dish of the night. These were so tender!




We got only two plates of the octopus but I can see why someone wanted to order three plates. This had amazing flavor and I really liked the eggplant dip as well. You ate the eggplant with the chicharrones but I started to just spoon it directly in my mouth when we ran out of the pork skin.



I can eat mussels any time of year but they really are the best in the summer. I wanted to finish these off but we did order all the entrees and I was slowing down.



We got two order of fries which was a good thing because I dipped them (and the bread) into the wonderful mussels. These were garlic-y but not overly so.

lamb chops


The lamb chops were slightly spicy from the harissa but tzazki took care of that heat. I loved the itty bitty summer squash. And yes, the best way to eat lamb chops is to pick them up and gnaw on the bone.




Of the dozen or so folks at the table, I was the only one really eating all the veggies that came with the dishes which I was personally happy about. I didn’t have to fight anyone for the salad that came with the quail! Yes, of course the quail was good but that salad had an amazing dressing. I also enjoyed the cherries and persimmons.



I don’t usually order a lot of chicken but I always make an exception for French-style chicken. I love simple roasted chicken.

hanger steak


We had actually ordered the right amount of food but we ended up ordering another of the hanger steak. It was just that good. I love French food but sometimes it can get so heavy. I’m glad this summer menu included a lot of veggies and minimal sauce. Well, except for the pool of bleu cheese sauce for the hanger steak.

I wish Belle Vie was in my neighborhood or at least downtown Los Angeles. I’d be there all the time. It’s such a good neighborhood spot. Luckily I have friends in the area so I’ll be back!


Belle Vie Food and Wine

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