Mid-City: Lady M’s Signature Crepe Cake

mille crepe cake


I recently checked out Lady M for their signature mille crepe cake. Walking in, I was struck how starkly white the interior decor was. Then I approached the pastry case. I’ve always felt pastry cases should be eye level but I understand why a counter person would like to see you as you eye the selections. Lady M’s case was even lower than a usual pastry case. It felt more like a sunken ice cream case. However this one was filled with many different cakes with all sorts of flavors including that trendy matcha.

The goal was to try their signature so that’s what we got. The cake had at least 20 layers of thin crepes and in between each layer was pastry cream. The top is caramelized to a toasty brown.

I can’t say I’ve ever had anything like it. It was amusing to me that nearly everyone in the shop barring the workers were Asian. I tend to think of Asian desserts as “not very sweet” and definitely not as sweet as American cakes. I could see why the mille crepe cake would be popular as it’s not at all sweet. If anything it was like a food version of a frothy cappucino (not that it was coffee flavored).

Lady M has locations all over Asia and three in Southern California.

Lady M Cake Boutique

8718 W 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA 90048  —  (323) 825-8888

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