SGV: Cantonese Food at U2 Cafe & BBQ

Westlake beef soup


My family has been picking up roast Chinese BBQ meats from U2 Cafe for years but I tried dinner there recently. I have been to the Hong Kong style cafe side but U2 also has a small dining room dedicated to Cantonese dishes.

We started with Westlake beef soup. This version had frozen peas and carrots so it wasn’t my favorite. The cilantro flavor also wasn’t coming through very much. Perhaps I’d try the seafood and tofu soup next time.

roast pork and roast duck


We got both the roast pork and duck. The pork had super crispy skin. I found the Peking duck a bit bony however. The good thing about eating in is you get the pickled cabbage (Chinese kimchi). You don’t get that in the to-go orders.

steamed pork loaf with salted fish


I grew up with the steamed pork that I call Chinese meatloaf. This one had salted fish as well as egg so it was actually a mixture of flavors. I enjoyed this dish even though it’s not much to look at. I appreciated the loosely packed meat and the shredded ginger.

shrimp and scrambled eggs


Shrimp with scrambled eggs is another family favorite. The eggs were softly scrambled. There weren’t too many shrimps but they were fresh. If you mix this and the pork loaf with rice, you almost have a “fried” rice dish.

chicken and eggplant with salted fish hot pot


We tried something new as a family. My mom wanted eggplant and the only other eggplant dish on the menu was a Sichuan style one which I knew she wouldn’t like (too spicy!). So we got the hotpot with eggplant and chicken. I really liked this dish too. It’s a bit oily but the chunks of ginger helped break up the fat.

pea tendrils


And we also got the pea tendrils with garlic. This simple stir fry was a highlight to the meal.

U2 also offered a red bean soup at the end of our meal. A classic Chinese dessert.


U2 Cafe & BBQ

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