DTLA: Checking Out Yuko’s Soup Bar

rice with ground beef and poached egg

The concept at Yuko’s Soup Bar is very straightforward. They serve soup. But not just soup as you can also order salad or rice to go with your warm comforting bowl.

Yuko has four daily soups and you start out with picking out the soup or perhaps you want to add a rice bowl or salad for a little more. You pick out the toppings for the said rice bowl or salad (ground beef, ground chicken, tofu and beans or avocado. There are additional toppings for your soup but I found mine didn’t need anything extra.

Then there’s the mega combo that comes with the soup, rice/salad bowl, dessert and iced tea.

chicken and kale soup


I decided to get the chicken and kale on this particular day. I found the dark meat chicken to be very tender as was the kale. I’d like to try the beef and cabbage next time if they have it the next time I go. Some vegetarian options that day included ginger pumpkin and chili with tofu and beans.

Set D combo- soup,, salad/rice with choice of meat topping, drink and dessert

My lunch friend got the full set which is a pretty good deal for $12.

Being a soup fiend, I’ll probably hit up this spot more often than nearby Yuko’s Kitchen.

Yuko’s Soup Bar

125 W 5th St., Los Angeles, CA 90013  —  (213) 310-1182

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