SGV: Vietnamese Goat Ribs and Baby Clams at Quan De 7 Mon

baby clams

It was one of those random mornings scrolling through Instagram when I saw “goat” and SGV (San Gabriel Valley). I have had 7 courses of beef at Vietnamese restaurants (and still hunting for the mythical 8 courses of fish) but didn’t even realize that there were 7 courses of goat! I love goat meat. I find it tastier than lamb.

So I gathered up some folks and we went to Quan De 7 Mon. Seven Mon signals “7 courses.” We got to QD7M and realized everything was a la carte which greatly deterred us from actually ordering 7 courses. So we narrowed it down to two goat dishes plus a beef noodle and the baby clams appetizer.

The server read the specials menu to us (it was in Vietnamese). We got the bun bo hue (spicy beef noodle soup) and the baby clams appetizer from this menu.

bun bo hue


The bun bo hue was not actually that spicy. It did have a nice broth and enough beef and noodles to keep us happy until the main course arrived.

goat ribs


One of the restaurant’s specialties are the goat ribs. These were fatty and delicious. The specials board had a “different kind” of goat ribs. Our server couldn’t really tell us what was the difference but perhaps I’ll get them next time to find out!

close up on baby clams


As mentioned we had gotten the baby clams for an appetizer. There are SO MANY clams as well as peanuts and onion! You scoop some onto the chips and add a little sauce to munch on. I took home the leftovers to make the best clams scramble in the morning.


goat hot pot


Our main course had arrived and spent some time on the next table because our table was full of goodies. We finally managed to clear our table for the hot pot. Remember how I said the spicy beef noodle soup was good? The broth for the hot pot was even better! We had two refills because we kept drinking the broth.

There were lots of goat meat (with bones) that we scraped at. We gradually added in some greens (marked lettuce on the menu) and noodles. Yes, we did order two noodles dishes for dinner.

greens and noodles for hot pot


I want to go back to try the goat curry next.


Quan De 7 Mon

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