Recap of Woon Kitchen Popup at ETA Bar in Highland Park

beef noodles


I recently checked out the Woon Kitchen popup at ETA bar, one of my favorite bars in Highland Park. The menu is short and sweet. We had a choice of noodles either beef or veggie and pork belly bao. There were a couple of Real McCoy Rum drinks to go with. We got everything. And I’m glad I got there early because the popup sold out within a couple of hours.

Hot and Sour daiquiri


I generally like daiquiris. The best one is perfectly tart and sweet at the same time. After reading what seemed like a complicated daiquiri, I was really intrigued the Hot and Sour daiquiri was really well thought out. Who knew rum could go with wine and support two strongly flavored bitters? Well, ETA bar knew.

Hot and Sour daiquiri – Real McCoy 3 year rum, Vietnamese lemon balm, Osmanthus wine (Kuei Hua Chen Chiew), lemon, lime, cane sugar, firewater bitters, Thai bitters


pork belly bao


The pork belly was so tender in the bao! I was actually kind of sad I only ordered one.

But I had my beef noodles. I was so happy the noodles were chewy. I could have used a little more beef though. My friend liked her veggie noodles which came with lots of greens and mushrooms. The noodles came in a cute little mini take-out boxes but I “plated” mine in the boat the bao came in for the photo (shown above). Food styling!

Woon Old Fashioned

I also tried the other cocktail, the Woon Old Fashioned. The 5 year Real McCoy gets paired with dark palm sugar and 5 spice bitters. I thought the spritz of the smokey tea tincture really worked as well in this drink.

Be sure to follow Woon Kitchen to see where they land next!

Woon Old Fashioned – Real McCoy 5 year rum, dark palm sugar, 5 spice bitters, atomized Lapsang Souchang tincture

Woon Kitchen


5630 N Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90042  — (323) 274-4755

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