Historic Filipinotown: Chinese Food at Woon

radish and tofu salads


Woon recently opened in Historic Filipinotown. We walked over there after checking out Bar Keeper.

There were three of us so we ordered almost the entire menu. We got all the salads including smashed radish, chilled cucumber and tofu. We loved the smashed radish. I’m used to smashed cucumber and I liked this idea of using radish. Now I might have to try this at home.

I love tofu in any form so of course I also liked the cucumber and tofu salad.

soy veggie wraps


I did expect a little bit more from the soy veggie wraps. Or maybe I just love egg rolls more.


bean curd and wood ear appetizer


As mentioned I like tofu in any form and I really like bean curd sticks. These have been combined with wood ear mushroom for a refreshing crunchy salad that I could eat all summer. I do recommend an extra squirt or two of vinegar.

milk tea


Milk tea in a can? Yes, and it’s great!

fried tofu fish cakes

I had heard the fried tofu fish cakes were a must order. They were fried very well and not greasy at all. I do think they need a little chili sauce.


beef noodles


I’ve had Woon’s noodles before at a popup and these were even better than I remember. They’re perfectly chewy. We got both the beef and veggie versions. The veggie one looked exactly like the beef ones.


fried rice


And like the fried fish caked, I heard the fried rice was another must order. Well, I was a little disappointed in this dish. I wanted all the flavors to be bolder. So feel free to add a little bit of chili sauce and maybe even vinegar to this dish.

But we’ll be back for the veggies of the day (that night was gailan) and baos!



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