Mid-City: Late Night Eats at EAK Ramen



I’ve been meaning to try E.A.K. Ramen for years. It took over the space of Pingtung which was a favorite of mine. It’s next to Melrose Umbrella Company and was a great stop before or after the bar.



We had the gyoza which were the best things we had from EAK as well as a bao.


ramen and salmon & ikura bowl


I found my ramen a bit salty but it did it’s job to keep me going after celebrating the patio opening at Melrose Umbrella Company. If I really want ramen in the area, I’d go a few blocks over to Tatsu Ramen on Melrose.

My friend had the salmon and ikura bowl which seemed fine as he ate it with no complaints.

Overall I’m glad EAK is open late but I wish Pingtung was still open!


E.A.K. Ramen

7455 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046  —  (323) 866-1866


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