Highland Park: Drinks at ETA Bar

Meet Me in Montauk

Meet Me in Montauk


I was doing research on a fun Highland Park bar hop and went into ETA. I’ve been meaning to check them out for a while. They’ve been open about six months now. I tend to order signature drinks specific to the bar but I appreciate they had a list of classic drinks in case people needed ideas of what they’d like to drink.

We left it in ETA’s capable hands to spin out two different gin drinks. First I tried the Meet Me in Montauk which features the new to the US, Four Pillars Navy Strength gin. If you like anise flavors, get this one. The Combier kummel really works in this.

Meet Me in Montauk – Four Pillars navy strength gin, Combier kummel, Alessio vermouth bianco, Thai basil, honey, lime


Antitam Punch

Antietam Punch


Next, for something more mellow, the Antietam Punch with mate tea from a local teashop in Little Tokyo in Downtown Los Angeles. It also had a great straw so you didn’t get any stray bits of tea when you sucked the sucker down. I also learned about this really cool mate gin from Argentina.

Antietam Punch – Principe de los Apostoles Mate gin, mango mate tea, citrus cordial, lemon

Highland Park is blowing up!


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