Boyle Heights: Mexican and Mediterranean Mashup at Xtiosu Kitchen

combo plate


Calling themselves an Oaxacan Arabesque eatery, X’tiosu Kitchen in Boyle Heights is serving up a mashup of Mexican (Oaxacan) and Mediterranean/ Middle Eastern (Arabesque) food. I dropped by this week with a group of people and we took over the little corner of the strip mall X’tiosu is in. There is no indoor seating so be prepared to take the food to go or eat in the parking lot.

I ordered the combo plate which came with chicken, beef and chorizo kabobs. My favorite was the beef. I also enjoyed the chorizo as it was quite different from any other kabob shop I’ve been too. My Persian friend thought this wasn’t quite fusion per se. He felt the food was distinctly both Mexican and Middle Eastern. And that this was more of a marriage rather than the offspring (children) of two cultures.

Oaxacan hummus


Of the three dips we tried, the Oaxacan hummus was my favorite. It’s made with whipped black beans and I really dug the spicing in it.

chicken shawarma tacos


Besides the combo plate, the most popular order were the tacos. You can get them with chicken shawarma.

fried cauliflower


The group also loved the fried cauliflower and we ordered another plate of it.

potatoes (papas preparadas)


There was an intriguing and addicting spice in the potatoes. I was making myself a little package of pita, hummus, rice, meat and potatoes. Almost like a deconstructed Mexican Mediterranean (Mex-terranean) burrito. How about that as a California (San Diego) burrito then? Instead of french fries, you add these glorious cubes of potatoes.


Babaganoush (they spelled it babaganouj) can be hit or miss with me but I liked X’tiosu’s version as it was very creamy.


chicken shawarma plate


I love that there’s a chicken and rice dish in almost every culture. Meet the chicken shawarama plate at X’tiosu.



I would love to go back to try the falafel and Oaxacan tabouleh salad which is made with cactus. I will definitely return for the beef kabob and Oaxacan hummus.


Xtiosu Kitchen

923 Forest Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90033  —  (323) 526-8844

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