Westchester: Dinner at Ayara Luk Thai

shrimp butterfly

I was in Westchester last week and stopped by the Thai popup, Ayara Luk. The children of the owners of Ayara Thai have adopted the recipes and also expanded the repertoire of the menu reflecting on their experiences as Thai Americans. Luk means child.

We started out with the shrimp butterfly appetizer. These whole shrimp are marinated in cilantro root pesto and wrapped in wonton skins.

duck burrata flatbread


My friend wanted to try the duck burrata flatbread. I loved the duck. Luk is in a former Swedish restaurant and has transformed enough where you can’t see much of the old decor. However, they’re taking advantage of what appears to be a pizza over to make this flatbread.

pork green curry with roti


I thought about noodles or chicken and rice (khao man gai) but opted to try the green curry with pork. This was served with both roti and rice.

We washed everything down with Chang beer.

I appreciate Ayara Thai expanding their menu to include their gastronomic experiences. It’s always interesting to see what first and second generation children do with their parents’ food.

Ayara Luk

8740 S Sepulveda Blvd., Ste 140, Westchester, CA 90045  —  (310) 881-4498

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