DTLA: Offal Dinner at Hock and Hoof

chicken liver


As I was driving around Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) one day, I noticed Hock and Hoof. It opened about a couple of months ago. So I checked it out for dinner within a couple of days of spotting it. It’s geared towards those who love those toothy offal bits. My fear factor days of eating may be over but I still favor plenty of choice offal such as liver and tripe.

We started with the chicken liver mousse and the chicharrones. The liver was great with kumquat jam. I don’t usually eat skin but I think of these as puffy chips. This was served with chimichurri.




We also ordered the squid over squid ink rice. This was a great dish. I loved that there were so many squids and also “meaty” mushrooms.



I admit I got the tripe because I really love tripe. But it was a bonus it came with tendon as well. All bathed in a gochujang sauce. This dish reminded me more of a Mexican dish with the avocado and lime (and plenty of cilantro) but at the same time, could be Korean as well (duh, the sauce). Still, it all comes out as “Californian.”

We had plenty of fry bread left from the liver but I’m glad the tripe also came with bread.

I’d love to come back for lunch to try the burger. I’m excited Hock and Hoof has joined the ever-growing dining scene along Spring Street.


Hock & Hoof

517 S Spring St., Los Angeles, CA 90013  —  (213) 279-9983
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