Hollywood: The Hearth and Hound

drinks at the Hearth and Hound


I was really excited to check out the Hearth and Hound when it first opened and then the scandal hit. I avoided it as long as possible until Chef April Bloomfield split up from her business partner, the accused sexual assaulter restauranteur Ken Friedman. However I still plan to avoid the Spotted Pig (and now Prune) plus anything related to Ken Friedman, Mario Batali and other accused sexual assaulters.

The Hearth and the Hound is now entirely Chef April’s project and I can safely return. I had gone a few months ago for a charity dinner and had to keep it quiet I was even there because I definitely do not support sexual assault.

I returned recently for drinks and a snack at the bar. We had their versions of martinis and old fashioned whiskey cocktails.

The bar program was developed by Nick Meyer and the shaken drinks are fairly food friendly. However, we turned our attentions to the stirred cocktails.

Thompson Martini – Old Tom gin, blanc vermouth, chamomile

Tributary – Scotch, Japanese whisky, smoked white blossom Earl Grey tea

steak tartare


I’ve been going around the city looking for the best steak tartare. We tried the one at Hearth and Hound. It’s very interesting because the beef is cooked– is that even a tartare? Well, the beef seemed almost rare. And there’s an explosion of flavors. It’s a very modern take on the steak tartare.


charred spring market salad


As mentioned, I went to Hearth and Hound for the first time for a charity event a few months ago benefiting No Kids Hungry and the Trotter Project. We enjoyed cocktails from William Grant and sons plus coffee service from Vittoria, an Australian coffee company. And the food was all from Chef April Bloomfield of course. There were four courses starting with the charred spring market salad. I loved the fermented ranch dressing! So different.

ash roasted celeriac


I really loved the ash roasted celeriac with romesco sauce. I started looking around the table to see if anyone had any left over and everyone’s plates were clean!


porkc hop


The best part of the meal however was the slow roasted pork chop with artichoke and potato. The pork was so juicy. I thought about making myself stop eating so I could have leftovers to savor through the week but nope, I ate it all up.


pecan and citrus galette


I was intrigued by the pecan and citrus galette with strawberry. Usually I see pecans paired with maple and other fall spicing. It was cool to think you can use pecans in warmer months for dessert. The galette was delicious.

One of these days, I’ll have to go for a proper meal that’s not a special event or just for drinks at the bar.


The Hearth and Hound

6530 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028  —  (323) 320-4022

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