East Hollywood: Last Hurrah at Baroo

celeriac pasta



For some reason, I had never gone to Baroo before. They’ve been open for years but it was recently announced they’re closing down at the end of October. So I headed over for lunch to one of LA’s best restaurants. I wanted to understand why everyone was so crazy about this restaurant rooted in Buddhism and fermentation.

The name Baroo comes from the name of the bowl Buddhist monks own and use throughout their life. We joke about restaurants serving local, organic and sustainable ingredients but Baroo is exactly that and it doesn’t feel like a joke at all.

It’s good food. It’s delicious. And you could have it without the mumble-jumble of other spots in LA. And now it’s going to close. The rumor (hope?) is it’ll reopen in a larger space. Others who have been loyal for years said it always felt a bit like a popup. And then there was the time when a partner when on a sabbatical. There were fears it’d close then. But it kept on truckin’.


XO to All


Pictured above is Baroo’s famous celeriac pasta. I loved the sunchokes, the creamy sauce and how fresh it was.

XO to All, are the shitake (pyogo) mushroom arancini. These were a nice and light appetizer.


all the pickles


I actually love pickled stuff. I love fermented things like sauerkraut, kimchi and the like. So it’s no surprise we got all the pickles. I probably could have had all these to myself.

I also had the kombucha. I tried the lemon verbena one. It was very sour and I thought about cutting it with a little water. But I’m glad I didn’t. Others had the free tea and I felt I missed out on something.




One of Baroo’s best known dishes is the Noorook. It’s a grain bowl of lots of delicious things including Job’s tears, sunflower seeds, beet cream and so much more. The fingerlime gives it a pop as well.


kimchi rice with bacon and chorizo



I probably should have ordered the other dish Baroo is famous for, the ragu. But I got the kimchi fried rice with bacon and chorizo. This was good and I love the sprinkling of chips.

I do hope it reopens. Los Angeles cherished this spot and now I regret all those years I didn’t go.



5706 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90038  —  (323) 645-7041


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