DTLA: Hawaiian Garlic Shrimp at Broken Mouth

garlic butter shrimp


I checked out Broken Mouth – Lee’s Homestyle for Hawaiian food last week. It’s a tiny shop in the fashion district of Downtown Los Angeles. There’s one table that gets crowded with diners pretty quickly. Or there are a few hidden corners of individual seating and even a small counter in front of the grill and cash register.

We were greeted by the friendly chef, I assume Mr. Lee. I knew I wanted to try a couple of things and decided on the garlic butter shrimp. Now I’ve never been to Hawaii but I know this is a very popular dish. I loved it! The shrimp were VERY buttery so that means they were delicious. Our server said you could eat them unpeeled which I did. But they are butterflied so you could conceivably remove the shells easily.

The plate is served with purple rice and potato-mac salad. The macaroni is actually gluten free. And just the right amount of creaminess. I normally avoid mayo but I ate this right up.

spam musubi


I also wanted to try the spam musubi. These were also made with purple rice and came out piping hot. I want to order two of these next time!

kimchi cucumbers


We shared the kimchi cucumbers. The pickles were a nice way to cleanse the palate between each bite.

fried chicken sandwich


My lunch partner got the not-so-spicy fried chicken sandwich. I had a little bite. While not dry, I do recommend the avocado mash for maximum flavor.

potato-mac salad


She also got a side of potato-mac salad since her sandwich is considered a la carte and didn’t come with sides.

Next time I want to try the egg-battered beef plate or the Local plate with Portuguese sausage and fried eggs.

Broken Mouth – Lee’s Homestyle

231 E 9th St., Los Angeles, CA 90015  —  (213) 418-9588
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