Introducing Paul John Indian Whisky

Paul John Whisky


When I heard about the Paul John Whisky tasting at The Daily Pint in Santa Monica, I made sure I cleared my plans to attend. I was very interested in tasting the line. Perhaps this is what happens when your whisky palate evolves. I went from Irish to American to Scotch to Japanese to Taiwanese and now Indian whiskies. I still drink everything but it’s always exciting to try something new.

The only other Indian whisky I’ve tried is Amrut so naturally I wanted to compare the two. In the end, it’s hard to compare the two, it’s like trying to compare only two bourbons or two Scotchs. I found the styles quite different.

Here are the whiskies I tried:

  • Paul John Brilliance
  • Paul John Classic
  • Paul John Edited
  • Paul John Bold
  • Paul John Peated

These are all single malts. I really enjoyed them all but my particular favorite was the Bold. I talked to others at the tasting and the consensus was Brilliance or Classic.

But then they brought out a very limited edition bottle of Paul John Kanya. I didn’t even get a photo of this one. The crowd then picked this as the favorite.

That Boutique-y Whisky Company’s bottling of Paul John


A local whisky aficionado brought his own bottle of Paul John to be signed by the founder, Paul John who was in town for the tasting. Yes, that’s right, Paul John is a real person and he started the company in the early 90s.

Luckily I had a small taste of this special bottle. Side note, I love the bottlings from That Boutique-y Whisky Company. The bottle art is wonderful and the contents even better. Several years ago I met a rep from TBWC and mentioned as much. He told me they used a local artist for the designs.

It was also really cool to learn about Goa, India where the distillery is located. It’s a popular vacation spot for the warm beaches. And being in a warm climate, Paul John is able to age the whiskies rapidly. Their angel share is extraordinary.

While whisky geeks are starting to turn towards other spirits, I am falling in deeper with whisky by traveling the globe one glass at a time. Of course, I still drink everything. I’m just glad to have tried this Indian single malt line.

Paul John Whisky

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