San Diego: At the Bar at Born and Raised

Born and Raised


We stopped into Born and Raised during our San Diego road trip. It’s been on my list since last Fall when I heard about its opening. Born and Raised is beautiful. I loved all the art deco touches. It felt very much being in a classic cruise ship or a grand hotel.

Being a hot new restaurant, they were completely booked (it was also Saturday night). We waited for a trio of seats at the bar and took it all in.

Caesar salad

We decided to get a couple of snacks before moving on with our night. I hope to return soon for a full meal. The steaks look fantastic. Plus I’m a huge fan of steakhouse sides and Born and Raised’s smoky creamed kale seems interesting.

We ordered the Caesar salad as I maintain you should have some veg before a bar crawl…

Pisco punch & Mamie Taylor


I hadn’t had a pisco punch in a while and decided to give B&R’s a shot. Their drinks list has a number of classics but I suspect they are able to make any drink you want with the huge and beautiful back bar. My friend had the Mamie Taylor which had a neat twist using coconut-infused Scotch. I’ve noticed coconut being infused into whisk(e)y lately and it’s an interesting trend.

Pisco punch – pisco, pineapple liqueur, wildflower honey, lime

Mamie Taylor – coconut-infused blended Scotch, ginger, lime, orange bitters, seltzer

steak tartare

We had to try some beef even if we weren’t getting a steak. The three of us shared the steak tartare which was one of the best tartares I’ve had in a while. Such clean flavors.

bread and butter


We also ordered their signature bread and butter which was this amazing popover. Such a simple and refined meal. It was perfect in every way.

Be sure to stop upstairs for the bar there and a peek at the cheeky signs on and in the restrooms.

Born and Raised

1909 India St., San Diego, CA 92101  —  (619) 202-4577
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