San Diego: Lunch at Mirarmar Fish Tacos

Miramar Fish Tacos


We stopped at Miramar Fish Tacos and Beer on our way to San Diego for a snack/ lunch a couple of weeks ago. We shared a seafood ceviche tostada and tacos.



After a couple of squirts of hot sauce (we had fun trying all the different ones on the table), the ceviche was good, though I didn’t feel it was that fresh. Maybe it needed more squirts of lime.

fish and shrimp tacos

For a place named after fish tacos, I had high expectations of the fish tacos. They were okay. Perhaps a bit under-fried as they were a bit gooey from uncooked batter in the center. The shrimp taco was better.

Since we were going to San Diego, I hoped to get better fish tacos in the city proper. In the meantime, this spot in a giant megaplex strip mall is only acceptable if you like drinking beer in a giant megaplex strip mall. On a side note, they were fairly busy with single diners at the bar and service was friendly.

Miramar Fish Tacos & Beer

41 Douglas Dr., Oceanside, CA 92058  —  (760) 721-2147
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