San Diego: Tiki Drinks at False Idol

False Idol


Hidden behind Craft & Commerce, False Idol is a fun tiki bar. It wasn’t open the last time I was in San Diego a few years ago for Bartenders Weekend but heard it was coming. I’m glad we were able to stop in after exploring more of the Little Italy area of San Diego.

Pearl Diver


After taking in the riotous decor, I ordered the classic Pearl Diver. The menu consists of classics like that drink with an accompanying riff from False Idol. It’s a great drink and one of my fave tiki drinks. I usually order it whenever I see it on a menu as not many like to tackle making Don’s Gardenia mix, a spiced butter cordial.

Pearl Diver – two aged rums, False Idol’s own Don’s Gardenia mix, orange, lemon, spiced bitters

Polynesian Forty Niner


I was really surprised to find I loved the Pearl Diver’s riff, the Polynesian Forty Niner even more than the original. False Idol uses an orange chai-infused bourbon as well as pear brandy instead of the two aged rums. I felt these spirits not only highlighted the gardenia mix but made it a more prominent partner in the drink.

Polynesian Forty Niner – orange chai infused bourbon, pear brandy, False Idol’s own Don’s Gardenia Mix, orange, lemon

I wish we had more time to do a proper cocktail take down of the menu but we were off to our next stop.

Also! Bartenders Weekend is back March 4-6 this year. See ya there?

False Idol

675 W Beech St., San Diego, CA 92101 —  (619) 269-2202


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