San Diego: Late Night at Juniper and Ivy

The Velvet Unicorn


After bouncing around from Born and Raised to False Idol in San Diego’s Little Italy district, we made it over to Juniper and Ivy.

Funny enough, every drink I ordered that night came with an orchid but it wasn’t until I was at Juniper and Ivy did I notice the phenomenon. I picked the Velvet Unicorn because I was feeling a refreshing drink was in order. I did think they should have served the butterfly flower tea off to the side to show you the effect of it mixing with the lemon juice (it turned the top of the drink that lovely purple). But no matter, I knew it’d be a nice drink and bonus, I like falernum!

The Velvet Unicorn – Nolet’s Silver gin, falernum, lemon, orange bitters, butterfly flower tea

grilled morels


I try to order morel mushrooms any time I see them on a menu. Happily, these grilled morels were fantastic and I loved the dates and green garlic as well. The sauce was also awesome and went so well with our biscuit.

buttermilk biscuit with foie gras butter


Although we had eaten a few snacks at Born and Raised, it was either try to find late night tacos or carb it up where we were. We opted for the buttermilk biscuit with foie gras butter. This satisfied our late night cravings. And it felt slightly healthier.

… of course not! The biscuit was probably quite calorie-laden but we didn’t care. It was the best fluffy biscuit I had in a while. I don’t know when I became a biscuit ranker but this ranks in my top 5 of biscuits.

The next time I’m in San Diego, I’ll have to spend more time with full dinners at all the wonderful spots we sampled this night including Juniper and Ivy.

Juniper and Ivy

2228 Kettner Blvd., San Diego, CA 92101  —  (619) 269-9036
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