Madison: Dinner and Drinks at Harvest

Bee’s Knees


After a couple of Madison distillery tours, we only wanted a light bite before starting our night out. We stopped into Harvest for a beautiful meal.

I decided to try the Bee’s Knees with a gin from a local distillery, State Line. I really liked our tour and felt happy to support a local craft distiller.

Bee’s Knees – State Line gin, honey syrup, lemon

seared artichoke


We ordered the vegetarian seared artichoke entree to share as part of our many appetizers. I loved the sprouted lentils (Booze Dancing wasn’t a fan so I ate all of his) and the radish greens but the star of the plate were the tender artichokes. They were so fresh that I wondered where the artichokes had been grown.

steak tartare


The steak tartare was a traditional one with lemon dressing. It was excellent because the meat quality was so good.


salad of arugula


The salad of arugula was so interesting with the mezcal marinated blueberries, beets and whipped Landmark Brebis cheese. I am thinking about recreating this salad in the future! The roasted beets were perfect.




The mushrooms were seasonal local ones. Whenever we mentioned we were going to Harvest dinner, everyone nodded enthusiastically and said it was so good. I imagine they had dishes like the mushrooms to come up with this good opinion. Of course, I knew from the moment we had the amuse bouche it was going to be a good night.



We also shared the  pan seared scallops. These are served with a bit of potato puree (under the scallops). These were cooked perfectly.

We left feeling content instead of groaning we ate too much.



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