Atwater Village: Brunch at Good Measure Wine Bar



Every year on New Year’s Eve the past five years, I’ve done brunch before the big evening celebrations This year (or is it technically last year since it was December 31?), we went to Good Measure in Atwater Village.

Atwater Village is totally the new Silver Lake with all the cutesy stores and art everywhere. As I was rolling down the street, I saw all the hotspots I’ve seen others at lately. Proof Bakery? Yep, just down the street. Is there a cool third wave coffee shop? Yeah, it’s across the street. And I wanted to stop into every store in between. But I had a brunch to eat.

charcuterie and cheese

We started with a cured meats and cheese plate. This one is quite dainty and just enough for our group of 9. I, of course, loved all the pickles and cured meats. It’s fun to make little open face sandwiches with the good bread.




Then we had to do math. How many oysters do we get for 9 people? A dozen? That’s not enough. Two dozen it is. Show here are 8 oysters but we actually had two more plates. Yes, 8 times 3 is 24 oysters.


polenta and eggs


A couple of people got the polenta and eggs. This was delicious and I would totally get this the next time (that is, if I don’t get the burger). I love grits and these Italian grits! Now add in mushrooms, kale and wonderful poached eggs.

pickle brined fried chicken sandwich


Most of us ordered the pickled brined fried chicken sandwich. This was a special one day and everyone kept requesting it so it was put permanently on the menu according to Chef Mike Garber. I had told him I was interested in the burger and he said the chicken was better. Then told me to come in for dinner.

Yes, Chef, I will!


Good Measure

3224 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90039  —  (323) 426-9461
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