DTLA: Cuban Sandwiches at Don Francisco’s Coffee

Media Noche

I checked out Don Francisco’s Coffee one day for lunch in Downtown Los Angeles. It’s located at the Spring Arcade Building. Uli GelateriaKai Japanese Roots and Guisados are also in the same building.

We tried a few pastries to start including the guava and cheese. This is my favorite one from Porto’s and I was shocked how much better this one was at Don Francisco’s. You could taste real butter and the subtle guava and cheese. It tasted much more refined. The potato balls were also delicious. I do wish they were a little warmer though.

I had an iced latte since it was a warm day. I think I would have liked water with my meal. I was productive all afternoon though!

We got both the cubano and media noche sandwiches which are essentially the same sandwich but on different breads. I actually prefered the cubano which is on French-style bread while the media noche is on a sweet egg bread. However, it’s not as sweet as you would think. Good job, Don Francisco’s for capturing the perfect balance of “not too sweet” for the picky LA audience.


While I was there the first time, they were handing out samples of the seafood stew they’ll serve during dinner. I enjoyed the chorizo and plump clams. It’s great to have a full dining service at dinner but I wonder if they’ll have enough seating. Right now there are a few casual tables and one large round table in the main dining room plus some bars to lean against to have a cup of coffee.


Don Francisco’s Coffee Casa Cubana

541 S Spring St., Unit 124, Los Angeles, CA 90013  — (213) 537-0323

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