Hong Kong: Dim Sum in Wan Chai, Asia Contemporary Art Fair and Tacos at 11 Westside

bunnies for Mid-Autumn Festival


One day I hopped on the MTR (subway) and got off in Wan Chai. Like the previous day, I was too early for a lot of restaurants so I walked around. Right by the train station was a shopping area that reminded me of the Grove or Vegas. I also walked through a local market checking out the booze prices.


Wan Chai


Wan Chai has a historical walking tour but I somehow missed it.

The Blue House of Wan Chai


But I did get to the Blue House. The house inspired other buildings to be painted in similar bold colors. I saw green, orange, pink and yellow houses as well. Other than looking at them, there’s not much to do so it was time to eat!

the priciest shrimp dumpling I ever had


I found my way to the Convention Center and checked out a fancy dim sum spot, Empire City. I got there at 11:25 and they opened at 11:30 a.m. I just could not imagine any restaurant in LA opening that late for lunch. But luckily it really was just 5 minutes.

I got three things including a single hai gow (shrimp or prawn, I suppose, dumpling) and siu mai.

The shrimp/prawn was essentially one shrimp that had been covered in a noodle colored orange-y pink. It looked less like a shrimp than a weird orange slug. But it was a delicious slug.

siu mai


I liked the siu mai but they were not the best I ever had. I also found out my tea choice was considered old fashioned. My server recommended another one.


wonton noodle soup


The wonton noodle soup was very different from ones I’ve had in the past. Actually, these wontons were just okay. I did like the broth for the noodles which were separated.

If I had more time, stomach room or eating partners, I would have gotten the cute dim sum on offer. But alas, I had to run.

Empire City Huaiyang

8/F, Convention Plaza Shopping Arcade, 1 Harbour Road
Hong Kong  —  852 2628 0218

MTR: Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island


Asia Contemporary Art Show


Before I got to Hong Kong, I checked out things to do. Some of the museums I wanted to go to were closed for renovations but I found the Asia Contemporary Art  Show held at the Conrad Hotel. I had envisioned it was all in a ballroom but it turned out so much better! They took over four floors of the hotel and artists displayed their art in every hotel room. They made use of the existing wall space but also the closets, bathrooms and even placed art on the beds and window stills.

I also happened upon wine tasting and a whisky tasting as well at the hotel.


elephant sculptures at Asia Contemporary Art Fair


I loved these colorful elephants!

I had VIP tickets which allowed me to preview the show before the general public but I think this is totally a deal to get general admission tickets. It’s roughly $35 USD for a three-day pass.

Cask 88


Cask 88 had a whisky tasting at the show. There wasn’t anything I hadn’t had before but it was nice to take a break from the visual overload. On offer were Laphroaig 10, Macallan 12, Macallan 18 and Dalmore Cask 18 was very patient with the education. Some people didn’t realize the numbers meant YEARS not months. I laughed at the idea of a 10 month old Scotch… then again, we all start our whisky education somewhere.

Cask 88 helps potential buyers find casks. The owner described it as bespoke whisky. You order what you really want from the distiller (and let them age it) and eventually you can bottle when you like. They also help you find rare vintage whiskys as well.

Japanese whisky auction

In one of the other rooms, I happened upon a Japanese whisky auction. Like all the art I saw, these bottles were available for sale.

For more pictures from the show, check out my Flickr set.

Asia Contemporary Art Show


shrimp Caesar salad


Coming from Los Angeles, I went to 11 Westside to support my local chef Esdras Ochoa who opened a Mexican restaurant in Hong Kong about a year ago. He has Salazar and Mexicali in LA.

Despite my aunt’s misgivings about raw produce in Hong Kong, I went with a shrimp Caesar salad.


tacos at 11 Westside


I also had three tacos; carne asada, carnitas and al pastor. I remember the days when Esdras had a little taco stand in downtown Los Angeles and now look at him! He’s on a chef challenge show called The Final Table on Netflix and has three restaurants with one more on its way… in India! LA all dayyyyy!

After my meal, I went to the back bar called The Wilshire. Check out my Hong Kong Bar Crawl with American-style bars post!

11 Westside

1/F, The Hudson, 11 Davis Street
Hong Kong  —  852 3996 7754

MTR: Kennedy Town, Sai Wan, Hong Kong Island



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