DTLA: Sushi and More at Art & Fish

sushi – masu and kinme

A few months ago I walked by a mysterious black door with a slot. There was a handwritten sign advertising miso soup for $2.50. I wondered if I popped in a couple of bucks, would I get hot soup?

It turns out the spot is a new sushi joint called Art & Fish that’s attached to a seafood importer. Once that black door is open for lunch, you walk into a large space that’s cheerfully decorated. The menu is very simple with chirashi, poke and kaisen bowls. Plus whatever daily fish as sushi or sashimi.

I wanted to try all the fish but wanted to maximize my options. I decided to get the chirashi bowl and a couple pieces of nigiri. The masu is a red spot trout which I never had before. It was so creamy and wonderful. I also got the kinme (golden eye). I’ve had golden eye snapper before and this was a nice firm fish. I asked for the skin to be seared which meant they broke out the mini blow torch.



The chirashi had tons of fish along with chopped up tamago. Ikura (salmon roe), edamame and pieces of Japanese pickles which also added texture. It was my ideal bowl. But let’s go back to that miso soup which was served in a coffee cup. It’s also full of fish and was just so savory. I still would like to imagine some hot soup magically appears when you toss a couple of bucks into that slot though.


poke bowl


One of my friends had the poke bowl which I was slightly envious of because it came with a ton of seaweed and avocado. I’ll have to try that next time.

kaisen bowl


Or if you just want to go with straightforward fish, the kaisen bowl with three types of sashimi (salmon, tuna and yellowtail) is also a good choice.

I can’t wait to see what the daily fresh fish the next time I go and get more of that chirashi (or maybe poke).


Art & Fish

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