SGV: Taiwanese Niu Rou Mian at Corner Beef Noodle House

niu rou mian – beef noodle soup with beef, tendon, tripe


I was on a beef noodle soup bender a few years ago. I sought out the best niu rou mian in San Gabriel Valley and would find either wonderful broth or great noodles but I hadn’t particularly found the toppings to be the best part of my bowl of NRM.

Until now.

I stopped at Corner Beef Noodle House for a late lunch and promptly ordered a bowl with beef, tendon and trip. You could get a bowl of just beef, just beef and tendon or all three including tripe. Of course I got that one since I love both tripe and tendon.

This tendon was so soft and unctuous. I rarely use that word but here we go. This deserved that adjective.

The tripe was pleasantly chewy and my first bite of beef was good. Then I as ate more of it, I realize it was even more great than I initially anticipated.

Although the broth glistened with chili oil, it wasn’t particularly spicy. I didn’t see any spice jars on the table so I would ask for more chili oil if you need to bump that level up to a 10 from what I would say was a 2 or 3.

I was soul satisfied with this bowl.

seaweed salad


The seaweed salad was fine. I felt it needed a little bit more vinegar and possibly a douse of chili oil as well. This is something that can be remedied.

meatball soup


I really wanted to get the giant wontons on the menu but opted for the meatball soup. This broth was a godsend after I felt my beef broth was getting too much. A mix of half and half was perfect!

thin noodles- noodle lift


I got the thin noodles but would like to try this bowl with the regular noodles for a change up. The dry noodles also looked interesting with the XO sauce.

The other dish I saw everyone getting is the pork chop rice. I like Taiwanese pork chop rice but I might never order anything but beef noodle soup from CBNH.


Corner Beef Noodle House

3948 Peck Rd., El Monte, CA 91732  —  (626) 453-8865

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