DTLA: Lunch at Fundamental LA

The Italiano

Fundamental in Downtown Los Angeles has been open since about October of 2017. So I finally made it three months in for dineLA which is pretty good since I have never been to the very popular Westwood location.

For years I’ve heard how phenomenal their sandwiches were. I was excited to try the Italiano, the cold cuts one.

chicken torta with furikake sesame tots

My lunch partner opted for the furikake tater tots as her side to her chicken torta. After we ordered, we saw they had fried chicken sandwiches too. Next time.

The tots were interesting as they were very crispy. I do like a bit of soft fluffy potato in my tots but if I pretended these were chips, they were perfect.

The Italiano with grilled veggies

As mentioned, I got the Italiano as I love Italian cold cuts (especially mortadella!). The sandwich also featured salami. I thought about getting green bean salad or cauliflower with farro but will have to try them next time. I loved the green beans in this roasted veggie combo though. And eggplant. I always love eggplant.

chocolate chip cookies

There wasn’t a choice for the cookies but good thing I love chocolate chip! These were very good and on the crispier side.

I was also interested in the burger, roast beef, brisket and Green Goddess chicken. Plus the house pickles. Or just going healthy but adding a protein to their hand torn kale Caesar salad. I also thought the Chinese Chicken Salad could be another good healthy option.

I’m so glad Fundamental is now in DTLA since I will never be able to trek out to Westwood for lunch.

Fundamental LA

750 S Grand Ave., Ste 30, Los Angeles, CA 90017  —  (213) 935-8180

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