Los Feliz: All the Seafood at Atrium

Rum Diaries


I recently visited Atrium on my pre-Negroni Week quest. While I was there, we couldn’t resist a few bites and we just fell in love with all the fresh seafood and veggies.

Plus I had to try another drink! I opted for Rum Diaries, quite the boozy drink considering it has tea and clarified milk.

Rum Diaries – Plantation pineapple rum, Smith and Cross rum, Pedro Ximenez sherry, oolong tea, clarified milk, lemon oleo saccharum

Baja prawns


So how would I describe the food at Atrium? It’s very Angeleno! It’s a mix of everything from Mexican to Israeli. It’s not really fusion as much as applying flavor profiles to whatever fresh meat, seafood and vegetables are available in LA. Rules, what rules? If it taste good, let’s go for it.

And if that means taste testing something like Baja prawns, well, I’m down. The big plump prawns are bathed in a Clamato sauce. And yet, it tasted so fresh.


octopus “al pastor” taco


I was intrigued by the octopus taco done in an al pastor prep. Al pastor (and carnitas) are some of my must order pork tacos. I love octopus (and all seafood, really) so this was a fun idea to do the octopus with that delicious charred flavor. There was even pineapple!


crispy broccoli sprouts

People ask me what is my favorite food city and Los Angeles is hands down my favorite. Yes, I love to travel and check out the food scene outside of LA but nowhere have I found to have such a huge variety of cuisines as my hometown. I’ve really enjoyed Israeli and other Middle Eastern food the last few years and LA has its wonderful myriad of spots to go to.  The veggies we ordered all had that Middle Eastern profile. The crispy broccoli sprouts side could almost be an entree due to its size. It’s a very generous portion and I scraped up every last bit of the whipped tahini.

cauliflower shwarma


And when I come across things like this cauliflower shwarma, I get the warm fuzzies. This veggie shwarma satisfies that Israeli food inclination as well. I just love the spicing of the veggies and always think about getting extra salads. Well, no need when you get a whole head of cauliflower!

I’d love to come back for brunch and to try more drinks. I also need to come with a bigger appetite to get a steak or the whole fish!



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