SGV: Congee and Udon at Delicious Food Corner

beef udon


I was born and raised in Los Angeles but have deep roots in Hong Kong. And I miss the food something fierce. In high school and college (and perhaps even post college), the hang outs were the Hong Kong style cafes that popped up all over the San Gabriel Valley.

In the years since, I started exploring all the other regions of China and their food. I’m still on a Sichuan kick but it’s waning a bit (but I’ll never give it up or hot pot!) as I’m discovering new to me spots that specialize in what I call Chinese comfort food. Give me all the wontons, congee and lemon tea or milk tea.

While I was on my last wonton crawl, I heard about Delicious Food Corner but they don’t have wontons. Instead, they’re best known for porridge or congee.


fish congee


The three of us met up for a bowl of jook (porridge) but we were also persuaded to get the beef udon. The noodles were so tender. I was surprised how much I enjoyed this dish.

We got the fish jook and that was very good. Of course you can’t get porridge without the requisite Chinese doughnuts aka you tiao.

fish balls and veggie hot pot

And we had more fish in the form of fish balls and veggies in a hot tureen. This is a very mild broth so it’d be good if you were sick. But if you were sick, the jook is really the way to go.

we like our veggies


And since we like veggies, we also got the lotus root and that came with other veggies. I really like Chinese celery. It’s so much brighter and crisp than regular celery. Plus this has one of my new favorite veggies, the Chinese yam. It’s a bit like the Japanese kind in which it’s slimy but so crunchy!

Delicious Food Corner is a local mini chain with seemingly new locations opening all the time. I’m excited to try the original and also the newer one that’s much closer.


Delicious Food Corner – San Gabriel

545 W Las Tunas Dr., San Gabriel, CA 91776  —  (626) 325-8838


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