SGV: Chinese Comfort Food at Alice’s Kitchen

Alice’s Kitchen



Alice’s Kitchen opened last year in Monterey Park. The story goes the owners were the original owners of Delicious Food Corner but decided to get out of the rapid expansion of the mini chain to focus on one restaurant.

crispy pork chops


I’m always in search of Hong Kong style Chinese food. It’s my comfort food.

While I have never had street food in Hong Kong, it’s a well-known street food culture. One dish is the street cart noodles. You get to mix and match your noodles with toppings. So while this wasn’t the prettiest bowl, it was a great bowl of comfort.

We did ask the server for a suggestion and she recommended the pork chops. They have several styles and we got the honey ones. These were great and I liked that they were still crispy.


rice noodles


Another typical street food are the rice rolls. These are simply dressed with a nutty sesame sauce. These are meant to be eaten on the run with with toothpicks.

hot pot


Alice’s Kitchen is already making a name for themselves with their clay pots. Unfortunately they were only available at night so we opted for a hot pot. I tend to like anything with mushrooms. This one with pork goes great with rice.

street noodles


Here’s another look of our beef stew noodles. Surprisingly the broth was thicker than a light broth. It was very filling!

We waited a good amount to be seated and missed the breakfast items. We’ll just have to get up earlier next time!

Or go back for dinner for that clay pot!

Alice’s Kitchen

580 E Garvey Ave., Monterey Park, CA 91755  —  (626) 898-1828


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